Family History of Paul Bryan
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Family of Benjamin FORREST and Elizabeth E

Husband: Benjamin FORREST (1841-1902)
Wife: Elizabeth E (1845?- )
Children: Fanny M FORREST (1870?- )
Minnie FORREST (1872?- )
Ada A FORREST (1874?- )
Louisa E FORREST (1876?- )
Alice Helena C R FORREST (1878- )
Annie J FORREST (1880?- )

Husband: Benjamin FORREST

Name: Benjamin FORREST
Sex: Male
Father: Charles FORREST (1816-1888)
Mother: Caroline Jane SLAUGHTER (1818-1895)
Birth 27 Mar 1841 Arundel,Sussex,England
Death Q2 1902 (age 61) Steyning,Sussex,England

Wife: Elizabeth E

Name: Elizabeth E
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1845 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 1: Fanny M FORREST

Name: Fanny M FORREST
Sex: Female
Birth 1870 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 2: Minnie FORREST

Name: Minnie FORREST
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 3: Ada A FORREST

Sex: Female
Birth 1874 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 4: Louisa E FORREST

Name: Louisa E FORREST
Sex: Female
Birth 1876 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 5: Alice Helena C R FORREST

Name: Alice Helena C R FORREST
Sex: Female
Birth Q1 1878 Brighton,Sussex,England

Child 6: Annie J FORREST

Name: Annie J FORREST
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1880 (cal) Brighton,Sussex,England