Family History of Paul Bryan
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Family of Richard William BRAME and Martha E HANN

Husband: Richard William BRAME (1869?- )
Wife: Martha E HANN (1869?- )
Children: Mabel D BRAME (1894?- )
Maud V BRAME (1899?- )
Marriage 1892 Tranmere,Cheshire,England

Additional Information

Marriage St Paul

Husband: Richard William BRAME

Name: Richard William BRAME
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Thomas BRAME (1835-1887)
Mother: Emma MILLER (1839?- )
Birth 1869 (cal) Liverpool,Lancashire,England

Wife: Martha E HANN

Name: Martha E HANN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1869 (cal) Rock Ferry,Cheshire,England

Child 1: Mabel D BRAME

Name: Mabel D BRAME
Sex: Female
Birth 1894 (cal) Rock Ferry,Cheshire,England

Child 2: Maud V BRAME

Name: Maud V BRAME
Sex: Female
Birth 1899 (cal) Rock Ferry,Cheshire,England