Family History of Paul Bryan
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Family of George Thomas Percy YOUD and Sarah Jane HATTON

Husband: George Thomas Percy YOUD (1879-1963)
Wife: Sarah Jane HATTON (1882?-1960)
Marriage 20 Nov 1901 Helsby,Cheshire,England

Additional Information

Marriage St Pauls Parish Church

Husband: George Thomas Percy YOUD

Name: George Thomas Percy YOUD
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel YOUD (1858- )
Mother: Eliza SPRUCE (1856- )
Birth 30 Jul 1879 Frodsham,Cheshire,England
Death 28 Sep 1963 (age 84) Clatterbridge,Cheshire,England

Additional Information

Birth Booth St, Marsh Green
Death Cause: Bronchopneumonia
Address: Clatterbridge Hospital

Wife: Sarah Jane HATTON

Name: Sarah Jane HATTON
Sex: Female
Nickname: Sally
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1882 (app)
Death 23 May 1960 (age 77-78) Helsby,Cheshire,England

Additional Information

Death 18 Britannia Gardens