Family History of Paul Bryan
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Marjory WHYTE's parents: John WHYTE (1826- ) and Helen GLENNIE (1836?-1874)

Family of George INNES and Marjory WHYTE

Husband: George INNES (1844?- )
Wife: Marjory WHYTE (1860?- )
Children: William INNES (1871?- )
John W INNES (1880?- )

Husband: George INNES

Name: George INNES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1844 (cal) Inchkeith,Banffshire,Scotland

Wife: Marjory WHYTE

Name: Marjory WHYTE
Sex: Female
Father: John WHYTE (1826- )
Mother: Helen GLENNIE (1836?-1874)
Birth 1860 (cal) Aberdour,Aberdeenshire,Scotland

Child 1: William INNES

Name: William INNES
Sex: Male
Birth 1871 (cal) Tarves,Aberdeenshire,Scotland

Child 2: John W INNES

Name: John W INNES
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 (cal) Fraserburgh,Aberdeenshire,Scotland